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Entry #3

The Music of Legaia- New Project

2010-07-06 15:51:13 by HexMonkey

I started a compilation of all the songs from the game Legend of Legaia. It's some of my best work yet. Give it a listen if you like Orchestral remakes of game music.

The Music of Legaia Act I, Section A


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2010-09-07 13:21:43

i love your music.i'm your fan.

HexMonkey responds:

Yay, I have a fan! Thanks!


2010-09-15 12:14:33

Nice! you're back :)

Where's your song called "click void" tho :( i still remember the day when you submitted it, and still listen to it often :)

HexMonkey responds:

Not sure. I might have deleted it a while back. Its probably on my soundclick page along with other old songs.


2010-10-18 00:28:40

Legend of Legaia was an amazing game. You have good taste.

I'll be sure to check this page often. =)

HexMonkey responds:

I'll try to get more Legaia stuff done soon.